The Business Office coordinates the following functions for both UF Research and the University of Florida Research Foundation:

  • Maintains accounting records
  • Supervises the collection and disbursement of funds
  • Manages annual budgets for each office
  • Prepares financial statements
  • Oversees purchase of goods and services
  • Manages the distribution of royalties 
  • Manages the distribution of Facilities & Administrative costs

Business Office Contacts亳州升永通有限公司


Name Position Phone Number Office Number
Julie Rhee Finance Director (352) 392-5221 GRI 288
Maureen Upshaw Accounting Manager (352) 392-3852 GRI 288
Rachel Hurley Accounting Manager (352) 392-7448 GRI 288
Linda Roberts Accountant (352) 392-5990 GRI 288
Greg Neal Accountant (352) 392-9365 GRI 288
Rachel Cockrell Accountant (352) 392-1878 GRI 288
Carol Hunn Senior Fiscal Assistant (352) 392-8995 GRI 288
Jackie Stearns Administrative Support Assistant (352) 392-5221 GRI 288

Internal Forms & Resources江山全干华设备有限公司


Information Services provides UF Research with the following: 

  • IT infrastructure and hardware
  • Custom applications
  • Desktop Support

Information Services Contacts巢湖宏贵丰机械有限公司

Name Position Phone Number Office Number
Nick Dunham Director, Information Services (352) 273-0275 WAL 310
Beth Hathaway Applications Developer (352) 273-2211 WAL 311
Cheryl Bearden IT Expert (352) 392-6938 WAL 313
Jason Casiano IT Expert (352) 392-6938 WAL 322
Monya Dunlap IT Expert (352) 392-6938 WAL 312
Jason Gomez IT Expert (352) 273-9611 SBB 130
Kevin Harris IT Expert (352) 392-6938 WAL 308
Barbara Lindsey IT Expert (352) 273-9610 SBB 130
Gerri Marder IT Expert (352) 392-6938 WAL 318
Jordan Edwards IT Specialist (352) 273-8592 SBB 121
Chris Dunn Computer Support Analyst (352) 392-6938 WAL 323
Maurice Sarns Senior Computer Support Specialist (352) 392-0284 WAL 320

Social Media Registration白山久满多机械有限公司

  1. Read and understand the following UF Guidelines:
  2. Set up your Social Media Account
    • Store your passwords and password recovery information securely
    • Do not promote your site until you have completed steps 3 and 4 below
  3. Complete the UF Research Social Media Registration Google Doc
  4. Upon receipt of your approved UF Research Social Media Registration Form, register your site through the University Relations Social Media Registration page.


The Office of Personnel and Administrative Services is the core human resources office for UF Research and services all Units that report to the Vice President for Research. Our services also extend to UF Innovate for a total of approximately 400 employees.

Our services include, but are not limited to, employee recruitment and retention, appointment processing, training compliance, evaluation compliance, time and labor processing, and employee fringe benefits. We also process funding for graduate student travel, and funding for workshops, conferences, and meetings.


View open positions in UF Research.

Personnel & Administrative Contacts阿勒泰高信圣机械有限公司

Name Position Phone Number Office Number
Dorothy Long Assistant Director for Human Resources (352) 392-6621 GRI 415
Ashlie Waddle  Administrative Support Assistant (352) 392-4803  GRI 407

Mason White

Administrative Support Assistant


GRI 417

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